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4th November 2019

Baking tools that everyone needs for cake icing 

There are so many tools available that can help you to apply flawless icing when baking the perfect cake. In this blog article we’ve listed 5 must-have tools to create smooth, professional results when home-baking.

  1. Tall cake icing spreader and smoother. Nothing works better on a tall and wide celebration cakes than this. The tool’s edge is tall enough to smooth out even the biggest bake with a single side-scraping wipe. Ideal for dough cuttings and crumb coatings.
  2. Angled palette knife. Great decorating tool that can help you spread cream, butter, sugar coating and cut cakes.
  3. Scraper bench knife. Although this tool’s main purpose is to chop and scoop dough and other ingredients like vegetables or nuts, it also can be used when working with liquid chocolate.
  4. Palette icing knife. These tools come in different sizes. The flexible blade provides control and accuracy, so you can enjoy the decoration process.
  5. Fondant smoother. Ideal for fondant icing, sugarcraft and marzipan. Cheap and easy way to achieve a perfect finish.

This is just a small selection of tools we have hand-picked which everyone can use. We all know the best way to find out what works best for you is through trial and error. Keep baking, keep creating. 

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