Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

7th September 2022

Here at our Sugar ‘n’ Spice bakery we are always reviewing our product processes and packaging and trying to do our bit for the environment and reduce our emission levels and product waste.

We are proud to announce that our product OPP film packaging is now recyclable in more than 75% of UK households. Our cardboard boxes and inserts can be recycled in all general household recycling at the curbside here in the UK.

Together our little steps to become more sustainable are all helping and trying to combat climate change and make the world a greener, happier planet.

To find out if you can recycle our OPP film packaging in your local area, check your local council recycling policy. If your household cannot recycle OPP film directly from curbside, please check out your local area (especially supermarkets that have collection points for plastic carrier bags) for recycling points where you may be able to recycle our film packaging.